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I just want to spill some thoughts here on this game prototype.

I won't go into details and nitpick things because I don't think it's necessary at this early stage.
However, there are things I want to underline just because I'm curious.

First of all, the game is so awesome! Yeah, it might be for a bit nerdy people who are into old/retro/pixel style games. But I personally really like it!
All the animations are smooth and nice to look at. There is some delay between attacking and crouching that fucks you up sometimes but it's not that bad.
The music and SFX are on top. That's definitely what makes the right retro atmosphere.
Secondly, I just want to know if there is a way of riding all the vehicles.
Finally, after I've died I respawned in the middle of my way having all the collected coins respawned too. Is it supposed to be like that?

All n all, I'm hoping to see this game being developed!

I did a video on the game if someone is interested to see the real life reactions:

Gave it a go...

Which engine you're used in development?

We use GameMaker Studio 1.4

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Cool! May I contact you by email about Catboy? I think I got an offer for you :)

(Sorry was still sleeping while answered for the first time :-D)

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Hey devs, do you have a twitter or facebook account I can follow you on? (prefferably twitter)

Hey FreakOrama,

I'm afraid not now but both, facebook and twitter representations, are already on our to-do list.
Your post may lead to a faster implementation of it. I will keep you up to date.

Thanks for your interest in Catboy! :)

Great! Got another question: What's the current state of the available build? (specifically, pre-alpha, alpha, or beta or..) ?

I'm not sure if pre-alpha is the right term. It's an early (but already somewhat polished) prototype showing the current graphics of one level theme and the current gameplay. Depending on the feedback of testers a lot of things can still change during development.

So I don't think that the playable level of the current prototype will make it into the final game in its current form. The game is planned to be a full-fledged game with a bunch of varying levels and a little story so there is still a lot of work ahead.

We plan to release a new version not later than the end of march that will show more features and certainly also another level theme. Depending on the progress of the next weeks there might also be an in-between version, but I don't want to promise too much ;)

Took longer then expected as we had to pause the development for some time but we've resumed working on Catboy and finally created some social media presence for the game: Facebook Twitter